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About Steamboat Toffee Company

Pete - Our CEOHi, I’m Pete – founder of Steamboat Toffee Company.

Steamboat Toffee Company was born of my great love of inventing and cooking. It was developed by fun experimentation with good ingredients. Of course the experiments were taste tested by my friends who happily lent their tastebuds to the advancement of science.

I believe it’s very important that you, my customer, first get to know me a little. After all, you’re not just buying a pair socks here and putting them on your feet. You will be eating this, you know…by way of your mouth. This is extremely personal stuff!

As you taste the toffee, you’ll begin to understand why the gallery is so well stocked with happy faces! Steamboat Toffee Company has a particularly well balanced taste. Rather like a well written story — It has a beginning, a middle and a wonderful clean finish.

See our video below!

We like to think of it as a Rocky Mountain adventure in your mouth. We believe the superior results we attain come from us cooking in small batches and at higher altitude.

Here in Steamboat Springs, we make ourselves busy with skiing, mountain biking, flyfishing, hiking, trail running, road biking, snowshoeing and golf! Just for the record, I do take my toffee with me when hiking and backpacking. I love it as a trail food!

Retail Locations/Contact

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 773454
Steamboat Springs, Colorado, 80477

Head Office Physical Address:
2619 Copper Ridge Circle Unit #2
Steamboat Springs, Colorado 80487

Call us @

(970) 870-3400

Toffee can be purchased locally in Steamboat Springs at:

Mona’s Art to Go  at our physical address,

see for  map to get there.



You can contact us using the form below. Your email address will never be shared with any other party. Expect a response shortly.

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Famous Among Friends Gallery

Our blog

Just a a start,  and thanks for dropping by. Writing a blog about something you make and then share with friends is rather simple.  I’ll just talk about what I like to do and make it as easy as possible for people to enjoy the tasty toffee I make!!!

Friends/Links of Steamboat Toffee

Rice Rivers – Yoshi Yonekawa:

Landscape photography on our website is copyrighted, but used with the generous permission of Yoshi Yonekawa.  Without his support and unflagging optimism this site wouldn’t be anywhere near the beautiful thing it is today.  We ask you to visit Yoshi’s website and we encourage you to email him and let him know how you appreciate his vision and perspective.  We certainly do!

Visit Yoshi @

Fortification – Yuri Chicovski:

Throughout the development of this website, there have been a couple of strong champions of the vision. Yuri Chicovsky is one of those sustaining people.  He is a videographer and artist of great vision.  His help with the “about” video and the constant banter of direction has proven to make our work here easier and more joyful!
Click here to see the documentary project for which he has recently found funding.  Of course we are truly proud of his work.  Love you Yuri!

Sam Keating:

The facial and upclose toffee “joy shots” are compliments of Sam Keating.  We had the great honor of having Sam work alongside us this past summer during the earlier phases of our web project.  His disarming demeanor allowed for us to get the happy foodie photos we had hoped for.  He gave us the personal touches of truly honest expressions that we sought.  Thank you Sam!

Visit Sam’s Facebook page for more of his amazing work

Customer Videos & Music to Eat Toffee By

Enjoy our customer submitted videos and fun music while you eat your Steamboat Toffee!